Primary School No. 4 in Chelm - Children's Day

The ozobot robot was used today in class I as a random machine. He helped choose a small gift for each child. Each student put an enthusiasm on the start, the robot moved randomly. When the robot raided one of the colored dots, the child received the gift assigned to her. Earlier, the teacher together with the children defined (coded) what hides each of the dots. There were many emotions, the children happy after the classes.


PalioBot Fucecchio Italy

Innovation and tradition
The Palio di Fucecchio and robotics at school
The children run the robots by simulating the true Palio!


On May 9th, I and Marzia, organized an Event in our school to disseminate our eTwinning projects and give the Quality Labels certificates and the gadgets to pupils who participated (last year) in an eTwinning project awarded with the Label. It was a nice celebration. Here's an e-book where you can find some information (it's in Italian because we'll share it with families).